February 11, 2016.

YES. We have started on the brand new, top to bottom, SpinningFiber website. While one or two lines may be discontinued or contracted, there will also be new fibers and blends, unique to the U.S.

Ecru/white fibers are back in stock. Nearly all solid colors are in stock, with stock being "topped off" many new ones scheduled to arrive 2/15. There will be a sale on the 19 micron color line fibers discontinued by Ashland Bay.

As you may have noticed, the current cart has no shipping calculator, and all US shipments (except perhaps wheels and carders to Hawaii and Alaska) are free -- from as little as 4 oz. of fiber on up, even dyes.

All maskmakers & doll hair lovers --
red camel
has returned, and arrives (and ships out) on a regular basis.

White mohair is back in stock for some time.

8 oz. additional Ashland Bay light fawn alpaca
found by Teressa in the "fiber mines". Ashland Bay has discontinued their imported alpaca line, but we may re-stock from Europe.


Current sales, most of the fibers have already SOLD OUT:

40+% Off Silk and Silk Blend Silks page

30% Off Merino-silks sale page - almost all gone

NEW! Purchase any Gaywool or Bush Blend Dye, receive a 15% refund/rebate from Paypal, or if charged to a credit card, the amount charged will reflect a 15% discount. Nearly all colors in stock.

Inventory Reduction Sale prior to new website, new UK fibers.

Teressa and Jeanette,
SpinningFiber, Inc.


802-427-3319 (home/business);

We are moving around shelves for incoming inventory and just a few minor things to clear out. 2016 promises to be a great year. Best wishes to all.






Bill notes----I can be reached at coppermoose@charter.net, for questions, follow-up, warranties, etc. I have retired (medical), although putting 5 hours/week helping out around here. Not to worry, my family genetics point towards a long lifespan.

New business goes to the Gal(s)-in-charge. "On call", I answer specific questions. I am now only an indentured typing slave, perhaps gaining freedom by 2023. Depends on interest charged and hours put in. Again, thanks to all from over the years.

I have started serious work on my third CD. It is quite an evolution from 2012's "Atmosphere". The ideas are flowing so well that I may release several EPs, and am looking at broader release through a bona fide "label". iTunes here I come. Seriously, it can take me anywhere from a few hours to several months to record pieces.


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Spinning fiber and fibers, Spinning Wheel, Drum Carder, and Loom photography and artwork in this site copyright 2015 SpinningFiber Inc. unless they are images supplied by distributor (Ashford, Louet, Majacraft Schacht, Strauch), then they are copyright their respective source and used with permission.

Returns for fibers and small items (hand cards, bobbins, dyes) are 14 days and money back or merchandise credit, but I can be flexible. Most equipment such as spinning wheels and drum carders are not returnable once opened/used. It is hard to get some of the items back into the box, and some dealer rules maintain that returned items can only be sold as new, so therefore, they must be new and unused. We work with manufacturers, shipping insurance, warranty, and in some cases our own personal warranty to resolve any issues by replacing parts as needed.

email: ihavehopeVT@gmail.com

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