Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fantastic!!! We are finally having temperatures in the morning above zero!! I read this weekend in USA Today that whatever these last few days of Marc bring, it will most likely be the coldest March on record for Burlington, Vermont, since record-keeping began (which was the late 1800's).

Hope all is well around the country and around the world.

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Toll free number is shut down. I was told some time ago that nearly everyone has free long distance these days.

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Returns for fibers and small items (hand cards, bobbins, dyes) are 14 days and money back or merchandise credit, but I can be flexible. Most equipment such as spinning wheels and drum carders are not returnable once opened/used. It is hard to get some of the items back into the box, and some dealer rules maintain that returned items can only be sold as new, so therefore, they must be new and unused. We work with manufacturers, shipping insurance, warranty, and in some cases our own personal warranty to resolve any issues by replacing parts as needed.


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Great Alpaca, your favorite mohair, blue face leicester, corriedale, finn, silks, merinos, color fibers, multicolor colonial/merino and merino rovings.

Music to spin by and relax? My other hobby.....

Bill Mutschler created an award winning multimedia slide show for 1980's cult dance band Experimental Products, which won an International Film and TV Festival - NYC Bronze medal. In the 90s, I produced a live Video-CD set for keyboardist Patrick Moraz (of Yes and the Moody Blues), a DVD was re-released through Voiceprint Records - UK.

In August 2004, as Northern Lights eXperience, recorded his own ambient/electronica and dance CD.

In 2009, I joined up with old pals and bandmates from Again&Again&Again to add a keyboard part for the recording "Forgiven". In October 2012, 9 songs (over one hour) for a new CD/music collection are ready and awaiting video work. Songs will be posted to for free download.They range from electronic to ambient, but if you like the style they can be spun to.


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