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NOTE: A recent count indicated I have 34 spots to fill or change on the sales pages. I will be adding new sales items. I am deleting sold out items as they occur. Expect changes during September, 2017.

Closing out sale. It may take some time to empty the shelves.



A number of accumulating reasons lead to the decision to retire SpinningFiber.

• 40% off Gaywool dyes, click here or in offscreen menu. Incredible closeout. 4 can minimum. Can be mixed Gaywool/Bush

• Mask makers - we have young adult mohair and are literally searching China for favorites. Our importer sold their fiber business, and I don't know when the new owners will restock. Bill is working on this for his site. See below.

• It will take some time to clear out the inventory, so keep checking back.



Bill here. it's understandable that I'm not currently known for my highly rated circa 2005 Vermont Spindles circa. I've been working up to this for months*. Artfully designed, superior engineering. Long spins.

VermontSpindle.com is partially opening this weekend. I'm making the (rated by many as "the best mini spindle") – Mini-Rosa 2, with gold touches. There are also some very nice Sale Price Spindles starting later today, with more to come. Planning to make 8 new Mini-Rosas this holiday weekend. Very soon, fiber, carding, and other sale items.

The Steampunk and Holiday editions are coming along nicely. After that, the precious Ebony Midas. Ten or more designs in my notes and sketch will come in their own time. Realism struck, *I have a knee injury that seriously slows me down going on 3 months now. Minor surgery soon. Ludicrous pain gone. I'm really looking forward to that.

The core focus will be on Spindles. I have a planned ramp up to November, 2017. However, I will carry Schacht, Majacraft, a limited number of Ashland Bay and other fibers, plus mask maker favorites (when and where I find them).

"Early" 2018, a plan is to to produce exclusive spindle(s) for a reknowned wheel maker. Perhaps have a few dealers. Also, from my NL-X music compositions, free ambient/"chill" music to spin by!

Thanks to everyone.





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A variety from starter to advanced looms. From hand-looms to floor looms with options and accesories. Schacht & Louet.


A wide variety of carders from hobbyist to production oriented ventures. Fine fibers, art fibers.....you name it, we have it.


All the fibers you've come to know and love  -- naturals, color merinos, obscure breeds, angora, silks, multicolor, synthetics and more. This year new fibers from around the world due in - most never before on sale in the US.


Information and super-special packages on the Flat Iron, plus all Schacht Wheels. Sidekick specials. See bottom left of page for super Flat Iron special.

Schacht Spinning Wheels Page


Great deals as always. New special pricing for bulk purchasers.

Old Fibers Home Page, or use title above-- bulk pricing very soon.

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email: ihavehopeVT@gmail.com
East Burke, VT
Phone: 802-427-3319, EST
Excuse us if we don't pick up the phone -- the number
of spam and junk phone calls have gone off the charts. All messages will be returned.
East Burke is an International mountain bikers heaven, at one point rated the best in the U.S., and a Ski Mountain that is in federal SEC receivership (!!!!), but is still run by an appointed lawyer and resort specialists.

No retail location except for daring fiber aficionados willing to go into "the fiber mine". 2-3 visitors/year. We need to do a serious clean up of boxes and sealed bins.

Social - not yet. We are computer primates. Can't even turn on the TV.


The Long List of Compliments

We do have a folder of nice emails from years and years. They will be distilled into an "ego page".

Customer Projects

Far fewer, and we'd like more, is to post a gallery of finished projects. Please send them in. At this point, fishing them out of emails may take some time.

About Us

Teressa Hamlett-Mutschler and silent partner Jeanette Roth picked up the ashes of Copper Moose. Bill is an unpaid indentured typist, product specialist, & flunky–as promised–in the transition period.

In the "dark years", we got significant help from family plus private and local charitable organizations. We pledge 5% of profits to a local organization called H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Every Day.) We also donate each year to a Norris Cotton Cancer Center benefit.

I am an "animal whisperer" from dogs, goats, cows, you name it. We adopted two dwarf Nigerian goats, Tommy and Dukey (who were returned to the breeder!) Then we added two unwanted mixed breed goats, Otis and Milo.

I had a cow, Bella. I loved my cow, and always wll. She was rescued from a trip on the meat truck, as she was mixed breed. She arrived 3 days old and 60 lbs., on the front seat of Cody's Honda Civic. I still get to see her at an organic dairy farm next to my older sons' (Ben and Cody) rental house.

However, when she got to be 500+ lbs. and was rearing up on her hind legs in heat every few weeks (quicker than human women), safety minded (husband's coercion) sent her to be a mother. We joke that we are "Special Acres".

My experience is a career of helping children and families in need of social services. That is how I met Bill 11 years ago -- an assignment that I simply didn't want to go on. It lead to our friendship, and eventual marriage. My hobby-ist background is as a superb felter (according to others), weaver, and a rapidly evolving spinner.

I am disabled with a progressive disease known as A-S. .001% of the female U.S. population have spondylitis in general. (If my math is correct, I'll check). Next year will be my third pacemaker, and I'll glow in the dark!


Bill continues his spinning/fiber brain dump. "Retired", he has ramped up out of hibernation, mono-minded (in his multitrack way) on Vermont Spindles–classic designs, and "moving forward" He is creating spindles he dreamed up–and from a cursory survey doesn't think anyone else is doing. The kitchen has become a workshop. Wild stuff, with more to come. He had an art epiphany in January, 2017, and has also started 291.gallery (yes, that is a real web address).

Methodically making notes and lyrics for his third CD throughout 2016, he will "get around to it", with Mike Simmons of MARS Audio producing and engineering. NL-X.com. He says the new stuff will be "crunchy", with him (and possibly me!) singing–with effects that were previously not available. (Time-smearing, WTF?)

There are also endless projects fixing up our 150+ year old farmhouse. Family. Spindles, a small part photography/media art, and chomping at the bit for more NL-X music work. Goats. Goats take a lot of time.

He is happy. He says that life hasn't been better for as long as he can remember (then again, he is 29 years old times 2).